Abacus Teacher Training
Abacus Teacher Training is a unique opportuntiy to earn second income and even main income for many of us. Abacus training classes due to its unmatched benefits for children is popular across the world and qualifying as a trained and certified Abacus Training or Abacus Teacher opens new opportunites for professionals to start their own Abacus Math Class Training Institute or Centre or to be hired by any of the school of institution as an full-time Abacus Trainer. 1 Abacus is an Abacus Training Institute to offer Abacus Teacher Training for Teachers, Graduates, Educated Women and Progressive Couple. 1Abacus provides certification to the students undergoing Abacus Training for Teachers after the completion of Training.

Getting trained to be an Abacus Trainer to run Abacus Training Classes from us give you th advantage to do the business with your own choice. You do not have to pay any Franchisee Fee for opening multiple centers, You only pay for the the material you purchase their is no Royalties of any kind, You ca choose to work for schools at your own wish we offer special Kit and Material charges on bulk purchase for school based Abacus Training Classes.

We are the only company in India which offers you one-time training on all levels/topics, so you are not bounded by any unforseen threat rather committed to quality and focus for excellent education. 

General Abacus Classes Business Scenario

  • Abacus Classes for a group of students are offered by meeting the batch once a week for 2 hours class.
  • Abacus Trained Teacher teaches students in batches of upto 10 students or upto 12 students or upto 15 students.
  • Abacus Teachers are required to provide their students with Abacus, Abacus Bag, Abacus Books, Certificate of Semester Completion and Examination at the end of Semester along with Abacus Classes.
  • Abacus Teachers conduct these classes on week-ends preferably on either Saturday’s or Sunday’s. Note: all accredations are valid for 1abacus policy adhering trainers.

Trainer Kit Required By the Abacus Trainers

  • Certification to Abacus Trainer by principal company.
  • Teacher-Display-Master Abacus with carrying briefcase
  • Anzan(Mental Arithmetic) Improvement Abacus Flash Cards
  • Stop Watch


Abacus Training
Abacus Training is an opportunity to earn money with respect of this cause of making Math easy for students.

Math begins with calculus and numerals. An approach in initial learning years play key role for children to be more friendly and loving math. Hidden magic is friendly environment with liking for math, training methods to be cognitive, sensing-feeling-knowing numerals with their behavior is what makes it a piece of cake.
"Our Abacus approach is a language which quants numbers for children to sense, feel and know”
And for some, fear of math is very common!Researchers have found math anxiety as another Phobia!So, it has to be dealt correct way. As it is with any other fear, you will have deal with it cognitively.Not only the inability to handle calculus but the environment around as well adds to this fear.Kids good with numbers and math of it in elementary classes continue to score high higher grades.
"Those choose to ignore and defend that our kids are okay but later nothing but they will surrender to their fear."
Numbers are increasing day by day of those choosing to study without Math narrowing their prospects in career and life. A society weak in dealing with numbers is a less intelligent and slow progressive compared to counter parts. Worlds pace is connected to numbers, our world has grown to today science by being pro-numeral ability."Our program is not only a cognitive method but as well a skill of handling fast and mental calculations”
Whose mistake, it is?Mental Arithmetic, an ability to deal with calculations mentally has been appreciated since all times. Conventional school math education system has its own priorities with limitation to educate children in set time and calendar. It is these limitations that mental math skill development beyond bookish knowledge is overlooked. So educationists and parents are attracted by such supplementary education support to compliment main stream math understanding from other experts beyond school system. Fast mentally calculating skills for math brings comforts understanding it. Ability to calculate fast mentally is as well a parameter for smarter being. Those who find calculations easy and doable always love math.
This training system is the way and offers unmatched solution to any child and every child. This is a method of imaging and visualising numbers in quant and deal with its addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other operations mentally. Rather, it is an act of handling numerals by knowing them in their native form than seeing them as some drawn text.“What else you can ask for? a mental calculation training method challenges children brain to improve its concentration, visual memory, listening speed, reasoning, logic, comprehension and offers right brain stimulations for creative intelligence."
Learn Abacus
Learning Abacus is one the wonderfull acts for kids in the age group of 4 to 14/15 years. Abacus learning is actually training own mind to improve its core functions to concentrate, listen with speed, visualize, image and memorize. An activity with multi-benficial outcomes.

Abacus is mechanical calculation device which requires manual operation for finding solutions to arithmetic problems. A rectangular frame generally made of wood, metal, plastic (in today’s time) with several vertical rods mounted with five freely moving beads with a horizontal beam within the frame, differentiating one bead upwards and a set of four beads below it.
The Abacus used worldwide today is latest evolution from 1/5 bead based Japanese Soroban, popular due to its relevance to the modern mathematical number system.

Why we Need Abacus Training?

“Need is the Father of Demand”, Intelligent Mind is the need of this time.
Since Ages, Education system around the all the parts of the world is developed to give opportunity to access accumulated knowledge of work done by precedents in various fields, of Science, Social, Math, Literature, History, Skills etc.

And in the modern world now the definition has improved with, “Creating opportunities for it Students to learn and contribute back to its ever increasing Knowledge Bank”. “Grabbing Opportunities at Right Time Brings Success, You have to be capable enough to know what is an opportunity, how to grab it, what to do with it, after you grab it”

Power lies in the Brain:
Our brain is a thinking organ that learns and grows by interacting with information through perception and action. Mental stimulation improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline, as does physical exercise. Mental Functions like ability to memorize, ability concentration, ability to analyze, listening skills, creative intelligence, play a key role in making our children to acquire knowledge, understand and if possibly create and present distinct information out of the same.

"Learning Abacus Stimulates Brain Function"

Abacus Teacher Training

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