1 Abacus - Abacus Educational Material Supplies And Abacus Trainings
1 Abacus - Abacus Educational Material Supplies And Abacus Trainings
Our Products

We are into the business of producing Abacus and Abacus Educational Material for our customers. We produce readily availbale stock for immediate needs and Also we produce material with your custom needs.


We offer whole lot of Activities under our roof for our customers.

1. Custom Developed content Books on Abacus with client's Logo & Address branding.
2. Our Developed content Books on Abacus with clients's Logo and Address branding.
3. Abacus Tool with embossed/printed Logo.
4. Master Abacus/ Teacher Abacus embossed/printed Logo.
5. Abacus Books and content Development in Hindi/English/French/German/Sanskrit/Urdu etc.
6. Flash cards, Brochure, Visiting Cards, Pamphlets, Flex Banner etc.

We offer choice of colour on Abacus Tools and Abacus Books.

Special Rate plans on need analysis basis.

Whether you are a compnay or a training centre or an individuals we serve all under one roof with custom solutions.

Interested may contact immeditaly for thier needs!

We offer Master Abacus & Teacher Abacus With Case

What role does a pen hold for an writer in his pocket or a Tie for a Chairperson of company on his shirt or Jewellery for Female at a Party? You can imagine what is the utility of having the best of these at these times.

So is the beauty of a Master Abacus for an Abacus Trainers in its classrrom or when it comes to presentation to parents & tecahers. The Master Abacus design and presentation is unique in its own and is developed to give you the best looks to impress your opposite hwen you need it the most.

Buy Now Before Stock Lasts!

Student Abacus Self-Study Kit and Books includes manual for parents to structuredly guide through the material to give them the benefit of abacus learnng at home.

It includes:

Student Abacus Books

Syllabus: Multiplication

Abacus study material plays a key role in ensuring the required results in every student of abacus. Trainer requires material not only to train children in a structured way but also requires enough self-practice sums systematically aligned to add value for a studnet.

We make extraordinary abacus student books for wvwry child to get proper opportunity to get the benefits out of abacus learning.
Associate MAS Trainer
Abacus Training

Learn abacus is a course offered by 1abacus for children of age 4+ onwards to operate abacus for accurate & fast arithmetic calculations to help stimulate the brain to have strong concentration, powerful imagination skills, photographic memory for longer retention to become more creative, innovation and inspiring in life.

1abacus offers a unique 10 semester (3months) course with once a week class for children which allows them to learn & expertise all skills required to operate abacus for their benefits.
this unmatched course is offered at many of the locations through our associate mas trainers.

Excellent opportunity! To become associate mas trainer: whether you are a graduate, or a educated housewife, tuition teacher or a school teacher.

Becoming an associate mas trainer with 1abacus gives you an opportunity to train children math the abacus based mental arithmetic system (mas) learn abacus course.
you can earn in thousands of working on weekends training children from home or your exclusive work place. Excellent opportunity to associate and earn throughout your life training children.
Getting trained to be an Abacus Trainer to run Abacus Training Classes from us give you th advantage to do the business with your own choice. You do not have to pay any Franchisee Fee for opening multiple centers, You only pay for the the material you purchase their is no Royalties of any kind, You ca choose to work for schools at your own wish we offer special Kit and Material charges on bulk purchase for school based Abacus Training Classes.

We are the only company in India which offers you one-time training on all levels/topics, so you are not bounded by any unforseen threat rather you will be binded to quality and focus for excellent education and training to kids.

Student Abacus Bag:

Abacus Bag means a lot for child learning the course. One bag with a special space for their Abacus, Books and other belongings in a latest fashionable design to meet the needs of kids to day is a student abacus bag buy 1Abacus.

We undertsand the needs of the Abacus Teachers. Abacus Teachers require a one stop solution for all of their Abacus Study Material Supplies. Whether it is the Abacus, Abacus Books, Student Abacus Bags, Level Completion Certificates or Examination Papers. We serve them all.

We supply on regular basis so that you run your bsuiness for long-term FREE from ROYALTIES and other restrictions.

We manufacture premium quality tools and publish books under excellent education standards.

Our Student Abacus Kit Range includes

Student Abacus Kit with Automatic Clearing Abacus offered is based on our expertise in understanding the needs of Abacus Teachers. The product solution offered is one stop solution for all Abacus study material supplies comprising Abacus Books, Abacus, Level Completion Certificates or Examination Papers, Student Abacus Bags and others. Further, our capability lies in supplying of Abacus kit on regular basis that allows clients to run their business for long-term as well as FREE from ROYALTIES and other restrictions.




Welcome to

1 Abacus - Abacus Educational Material Supplies And Abacus Trainings

We are exporter, manufacturer, supplier, distributor, wholesaler, Trader, Retailer and service Provider in 2009.

Our Offerings:Abacus,Student Abacus,Abacus Books for Instruction , Abacus Books for Practice , Abacus Student's Bag, Abacus Teacher Training ,Abacus Study Material - Customized & Bulk Orders, Vedic Math , Vedic Math Books , Vedic Math Teacher Training, Handwriting Improvement Material , Abacus Making Moulds.

Starting a new business? or Are you running a business? We bring a complete solution for

  • Abacus Teachers

  • Schools

  • Abacus Training Companies under one roof for Abacus,

  • Vedic Math and Handwriting Improvement Classes.

We know it all - Our extensive experience in the business offers you an added advantage of getting the best of through us specific to your needs. You can choose from our ready to use supplies and services or you can choose to procure customized developed solution specific to your needs.


Learning Abacus? So why compromise of Abacus? We provide innovative and latest Abacus Tools which offer speed, easy maneuverability and comfort for students in learning Abacus. Abacus tools we offer are high in quality and finish. Our Abacus tools are not only appreciated in India but worldwide.

Wide range of Abacus to choose from in small quantities and in bulk quantities is Available.


We publish Abacus Books on all topics and levels. These books are available in sets of 1 or 2 Books per Level. We also make them available to you with your LOGO and ADDRESS on it. Our content is developed after extensive research work of more than decade in the business making it to be world class in Abacus education and is suitability design to cater to specific age group of students learning Abacus. Abacus Books are designed keeping Abacus clearings core goal of Mental Arithmetic Skills and Brain Function Improvement.


1 Abacus - Abacus Educational Material Supplies And Abacus Trainings



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1 Abacus - Abacus Educational Material Supplies And Abacus Trainings
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